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      The beginning

      Sock Bro began with a simple goal - Provide high quality socks for low prices. We are able to do so through operating our business solely online, reducing additional costs added onto your product for overhead expenses. We provide great quality socks and 24/7 customer service for the most competitive prices on the market.

      Our team pushes to drive conversation through the unique design of socks. Waking up every day, going to the same job, rotating through the same clothes or uniforms, it becomes a routine that feels un-controlled. Everyone is unique, and socks are the one thing you can control. Whether you are wearing a brand new suit, or a pair of sweat pants, a pair of socks can personalize any outfit.

      Socks have many purposes; thermal socks for warmth, dress socks for business, sweat socks for sports, thin socks for dancing, and even head socks for golf clubs. They are an everyday asset that each person wears to live a comfortable life.

      So why not make them define you? Socks can be an accessory to any outfit or uniform. They can define your hobbies, lifestyle, and personality.

      Socks can drive conversation through one simple question - What’s on your socks? The conversation is yours to take away from there. Make it interesting.